Adamik vacuum press

14 May 2016 Piantek has invested in an Adamik vacuum press. With the new press it’s possible to bend Corian as well as UPM Grada plywoods into shape. The press also has a heating oven which can be used for bending and shaping different plastics. The new equipment enables processing even bigger materials up to … Continued


10 May 2016 Piantek has taken part in the VÄRINÄ- research led by professor of architecture and urban research, Ari Hynynen. The VÄRINÄ- project examines the effect of constructed local environment and atmosphere on consumers eating habits. With the right showcase, colours and ambience we can make a positive impact on the choices consumers make. … Continued

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd becomes a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd

11 November 2014 Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd has become a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd. The shared ownership means a lot as Piantek is moving into a new developmental phase. “Through the shared ownership we get to use the resources and knowledge of Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd. In the future we can provide our customers with a … Continued

Porkka Finland Ltd in collaboration with Piantek Oy Ltd

Porkka Finland Ltd is an internationally recognised company that produces commercial customer based refrigerators and freezers. Their range incorporates equipment for food storage and handling, specialist scientific items, chilled display cabinets and beverage counters as well as refrigerators and freezers. Porkka Finland’s customers include kitchens, restaurants, hotels, industrial canteens, hospitals, laboratories and fast food outlets … Continued