Piantek Ltd is appointing a new CEO, Jyrki Vainio

1.4.2020   Piantek Ltd. and Piancon Ltd. has appointed Jyrki Vainio as the new CEO starting on April 1st 2020. Jyrki will be moving to the new position over a transitioning period from his previous post as the COO, in which he has been for the past two years. Over the last decade he has … Continued

Piantek – Coronavirus announcement

19.3.2020 The coronavirus crisis is striking right now, but our Koskenkorva plant is currently operating normally. Ongoing customer projects are also well under way, of course according to our customers’ guidance and wishes. All our office workers hold the yarns in their hands from their home offices, ie they are reachable and available. Please contact … Continued

Appointment within our company

10.1.2020 Kari Falck has been appointed Key Account Manager at Piantek Oy. Kari will take up his post on January 24, 2020 at the Helsinki office. Kari will work mainly with sales and customer relationships. Kari has long and strong experience in similar positions in the industry. +358 40 661 0500 kari.falck@piantek.fi We welcome Kari … Continued

Appointment within our company

21.10.2019 Jukka Keskinen has started on October 21, 2019 as a key account manager at Piantek Oy Ltd. Jukka will primarily be acting mainly for sales and projects at our Koskenkorva office. Jukka has strong experience in similar positions. He has been responsible for contracting and furnishing the site implementation. +358 40 809 6710 jukka.keskinen@piantek.fi … Continued