9.9.2021 Antti Immonen has started on September 1, 2021 as a Technical Designer Expert at Piantek Ltd. Antti will work mainly in technical design at our Koskenkorva office. Antti has strong expertise and experience in designing special furniture over the years. +358 40 164 7075 We welcome  Antti to our team. We are pleased to … Continued

Space4you – Support and enjoyment for the students

16.3.2021 “The students find it to be an interesting space. When you enter, you feel the lift of learning and the joy of learning.” This is how Assistant Principal Marianne Andersen describes the separate six-person space solution at Lehtikuusi School in Vantaa.  It’s all about the Space4you workspace of Piantek. The soundproofed standalone space at … Continued

Piantek launches a new model for the Space4you family

1.3.2021 Soundproof and safe space solution for one person. The XS model is an excellent workspace for calls or Teams meetings, for example. In the space you can work all day thanks to efficient air conditioning and good acoustics. Space4you XS is new in the entire collection. The model has all the same functions as … Continued

Piantek has signed a cooperation agreement with Are on the installation and maintenance and project services for Piantek’s antibacterial workspaces

15.1.2012 Piantek and Are have agreed to co-operate in the installation, maintenance and upkeep of Space4you workspaces manufactured by Piantek. Piantek’s new Space4you workspaces create clean and safe solutions for public spaces. Space4you is a detached space isolated from the rest of the premises. It is perfectly suited to serve as a hygienic conference room … Continued

Piantek participates in the Apteekkari 2020 event on November 19-20

16.11.2020 In the Apteekkari 2020 event, Piantek will comprehensively present how the hygienic and antibacterial Space4you is suitable for the pharmacy environment- When visiting the event, you are welcome to get acquainted with the solutions used in Space4you, which make the compact space antibacterial, soundproof and barrier-free. Our special furniture production is also presented, as … Continued