Dedicated to the customer’s needs – interior design contracting utilizes the experience of a fine carpenter and the courage of propeller heads


We were in charge of the total contracting of Starbucks’ new café in the non-Schengen area of ​​Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the early spring of 2020. We manufactured the furniture and other interior for the premises at our Koskenkorva factory. The design for the Starbucks’ recognizable interior look was very clear. However, we could locate several points where by changing technical solutions we could provide Starbucks, the customer, a solution where the design look and quality is maintained but a more production efficient end result is achieved. The proposals were well received and they were implemented. Our idea was also to make the cooperation with other contractors more streamlined, thus introducing an added efficiency to the project.


Piantek vastasi Starbucksin uuden kahvilan kokonaisurakoinnista Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman non-schengen-alueella alkukeväällä 2020 / Piantek was in charge of the total contracting of Starbucks' new café in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the early spring of 2020


A couple of years ago, we started to seriously invest in interior design for restaurants and in making of special furniture. The Corona pandemic has, of course, led to a refinement of the strategy. Our customers include Restel, Burger King, Hesburger (Lohja Prisma) and Viking Line. As we also are familiar with electrical and HVAC work and other interior design contracting, we often make even other technical plans for the premises in order to facilitate our own work at construction sites for furniture and interior. We also provide plans meant to be utilized by other builders, as those plans sometimes solve technical or material challenges for all builders.

We consider such cooperation between contractors and designers to be important for us, because it is in the best interests of our customer. We are a good partner for all parties in the project. Cooperation will bring smoothness to work and reduce misunderstandings, and usually it often creates new innovative solutions. It is important to be able to work with the entire partner network, and it is our duty to take into account also their needs to achieve the customer’s goal. That is an added value that one can’t afford to ignore.

Therefore, we at Piantek take all parties involved in the project into account. We take up and delve into customer challenges, and the harder the pressure, the harder we work on the project. The aim is not to get off easily, but to find the best solutions and even to create innovative new ones if needed.


Interior design contracting and furniture construction ahead of the new

As an innovator, we want to be visible in the field of interior design contracting and furniture construction.

We are ahead of the corona and its aftermath: a couple of years ago, we developed safety-enhancing and antibacterial Safe Products solutions for furniture construction. They are spearheaded by a small office-sized, antibacterial Space4you workspace. Already in the spring of 2020, we were able to supply Safe Products to shops, restaurants, hotels and offices. Antibacterial properties are based on the use of purple light, air purifiers and selected surface materials.

The development of antibacterial furniture construction is one example of our goals to reform the industry. But we have our propeller hats on for every project. The more challenging the target, the more excited we are! With problem solutions, we have the opportunity to influence customer satisfaction and the development of the entire industry.

Piantek’s operations began 15 years ago in Ostrobothnia with the production of various store racks, shop in shop solutions and boat interiors. Our fine carpentry skills have not disappeared anywhere, but in addition to them, a lot of knowledge about different materials, techniques and technologies has been accumulated. By combining these factors, Piantek creates completely new types of innovative solutions with good quality and style.


Jyrki Vainio
Managing Director, Piantek Oy
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