Ecological furniture production and carbon handprint

For us at Piantek, ecologicalness means choices, which we make together with our clients. By choosing durable high-quality materials, we ensure a long service life for our products. In our production we can use recycled materials, which are available in a comprehensive range. The quantities of the materials are precisely optimized and production wastes are carefully sorted. This makes it possible to reuse the materials. We keep detailed information on all our products, and can even upgrade or repair previous products, with consideration for the environment. All this is undertaken by our own production unit.


Sustainable construction of premises

Studies of the effects of construction on the surrounding world show that natural resources are not unlimited and are rapidly depleted in construction. The ecologicalness of construction starts already on the designer’s desk. It matters, what materials are used and how a building is constructed. The site of construction, placement of the building and the choice of materials are significant in terms of ecology. We use local suppliers to provide the materials and for this reason we prefer wood that is available in every corner of Finland. Furthermore, trees bind carbon dioxide when growing. In our range you can find various long-lasting and approved natural materials as well as recycled materials. These also include materials that can be used, for example, as nutrients for agricultural fields after their demolition.


There has been a major development in the energy efficiency of building systems, and heat recovery can be implemented in all heat production.

Indoor air has a great impact on people’s health and comfort. It is possible to use energy-efficient filter technology for air purification. This allows efficient air flow while the filtering performance remains at its peak.

Smart energy solutions are two-way, both supplying and receiving energy. The development of solar panels, wind turbines and related battery systems also complement these solutions.

Water is a vital renewable natural resource; however, water consumption can exceed water yield. Several solutions for recycling and saving water are already available. In addition to these, it would be important to change operations to minimize water loss and increase water use efficiency. Controlling water consumption is a climate action.


The service life of buildings should be extended by constructing in conformity with the life cycle thinking. Designs should allow for adapting premises to different needs of usage. This contributes to long-term property value and not only consideration of demolition costs.

If ecologicalness and sustainable construction are important for you, these must also be important for everyone else involved in construction. A sustainable and ecological outcome is reached, if the companies you work with share the same world of values.