From the turbulence of market disturbances towards significantly better prospects


From the turbulence of market disturbances towards significantly better prospects

Since 2019, we have encountered many types of market disturbances. However, we have been able to react to them in time.

Global turbulence with the covid-19 pandemic and most recently Russia’s war of aggression have shaken numerous industries and the global economy. Since the spring of last year, the reduced availability of raw materials and supplies and the increase in prices have complicated, among other things, the schedules of the construction industry. Now the raw material situation is starting to normalize, and in our own industry we have also managed to find replacement products.

We at Piantek have succeeded because we have the necessary number of support legs and the room for movement they bring. Sufficient scope has proven to be a strategically successful choice. We have also been operating for almost 20 years, which, in addition to long customer relationships, has also ensured the stability of our operations.

The order book looks quite bright

In the near future, we believe we will be able to share good project news from both domestic industry and significant exports, for example from a foreign airport. In Finland, we have received new orders from the construction industry. Good cooperation also continues with our long-term customers.

Two years ago we launched Space4you workspaces. These high-quality acoustic and air-conditioned “spaces within spaces” equipped with antibacterial lighting can be used for the most versatile purposes. During the pandemic years, the need to use them has only grown, while, for example, remote meetings unsuitable for open offices have multiplied.

On the right track

Piantek’s close development and design cooperation with architects, interior designers and designers continues. Construction, renovations and the manufacture of special furniture as well as the connection of electronics and other digitalization require a demanding level of technical planning and interior design contracting. We use, for example, wood materials, metal, plastic, glass and stone. We couldn’t succeed in that either without the top-notch skill and commitment of our own staff. We can also solve problems related to combining materials and functionality.

The engineering technology, carpentry skills and creative problem-solving skills represented by Piantek have guaranteed us both new projects and lasting customer relationships year after year. With an uncompromising attitude and good cooperation, we have created successful results, which we produce now and in the future.


Tapani Renkola