Jyrki Vainio to be Piantek’s Partner and Chief Operating Officer


Piantek Oy is a fast-growing and reliable Finnish company specialising in complete retail solutions. The company is opening a new office in the Helsinki metropolitan region with the goal of continuing to ensure high quality services for its customers. With this expansion Piantek is bringing in new innovations and new services in order to boost its customers’ businesses.

The company has brought in Jyrki Vainio, an experienced long timer in the industry, as their new COO and partner starting 1st of June, 2018.

Jyrki Vainio’s mission is to open the new location and organization in the Helsinki metropolitan area to boost the company’s client accounts and their development. All the while he is in charge of the entire company’s marketing and sales as COO. Vainio has over 30 years of experience in the retail sector, having acted as both CEO and Sales Director. In his previous positions he has been in charge of numerous client accounts, including both Finnish and international brands.

“We are happy to be getting Jyrki Vainio’s experienced take in leading Piantek’s clients. I believe that our clients’ businesses will benefit from us being able to provide even stronger overall services”, says Piantek’s CEO Tapani Renkola.

For more information:

Piantek Oy

Tapani Renkola, CEO, +358 400 795 077, tapani.renkola@piantek.fi
Jyrki Vainio, COO, +358 50 329 0790, jyrki.vainio@piantek.fi