Piantek participates in the Apteekkari 2020 event on November 19-20


In the Apteekkari 2020 event, Piantek will comprehensively present how the hygienic and antibacterial Space4you is suitable for the pharmacy environment- When visiting the event, you are welcome to get acquainted with the solutions used in Space4you, which make the compact space antibacterial, soundproof and barrier-free. Our special furniture production is also presented, as well as our Safe Products product family, which is used to increase the premises’ antibacterial properties.

Antibacterial service point for pharmacies

Space4you is ideal, for example, as a service point for various one-on-one guidance activities or measurements. Space4you is available in four different sizes, so there is even room for larger devices if needed. If necessary, the space can be divided by partitions.

The Space4you air purifier is energy efficient and quiet. It cleans the air of small particles up to 0.02 µm (micrometers) in size, such as viruses, bacteria, microbes and dust, without any harmful by-products. Because Space4you produces 10 times its size of fresh air, it also improves the air quality of the surrounding space.

The hygiene of the space can be increased using antibacterial lighting. The Safe Light luminaire produces light that eliminates microbes and bacteria, but is still safe for human beings.

Barrier-free space solutions

Space4you has wide sliding doors that can be opened with an RFID reader or automatically with a motion detector. An integrated access ramp also makes it easier to enter the space.

Special furniture and hygiene-enhancing Safe Products

How does an antibacterial and air-purifying cash register sound like? Also at the same time protecting staff and customers?

We manufacture furniture and equip spaces where ventilation technology is used to produce solutions that protect people. We also increase their antibacterial effect with lighting technology and surface materials.

A luminaire can be positioned in the area to create unfavourable conditions for viruses and bacteria on the surfaces.  Technology can be installed in the store’s waiting areas and corridors to capture aerosol-level small particles. All this in an energy-efficient, silent, and if necessary, invisible manner.

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Additional information

You can find Piantek and Space4you in the Exhibition Space of Apteekki 2020 -virtual event.

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