Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd becomes a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd

11 November 2014

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd has become a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd. The shared ownership means a lot as Piantek is moving into a new developmental phase. “Through the shared ownership we get to use the resources and knowledge of Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd. In the future we can provide our customers with a wider range of products. And therefore it creates us more resources to carry out bigger projects.” says Tapani Renkola, the CEO of Piantek Oy Ltd.

“The shared ownership with Piantek has an important strategic meaning for us in Pohjanmaan Kaluste, because through Piantek we can offer our products and knowledge to new kinds of projects that we haven’t taken part in before. Piantek has also very strong designing knowledge and innovations that in the future we can launch into home furniture. Naturally we also gain synergy profit in production, purchases and logistics.” says Timo Viitala, the CEO of Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd.

Piantek Oy Ltd designs, manufactures and installs tailor made furniture to malls, shops, ship and boat industry and other demanding spaces. Engineering technology, South Ostrobothnian carpenter skills and the modern production equipment combined together, ensure the quality of our work. The quality of our work, as well as the reliability of shipping and the collaborated approach to the work are important for clients. Piantek offers the most efficient service and has reached the highest inner and outer quality requirements. The company is environmentally friendly.  

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the Nordic region. The headquarter is located in Kurikka, in the Southern Ostrobothnia region of Finland, where the company has operated for over 50 years.  Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd’s products are sold buy the biggest furniture chains in Finland as well as smaller private owned furniture stores. There is over 400 skilled professionals working for the company and they ship to 16 different countries.

The company’s own designing and product development department ensures a collection that is constantly recurrent. Their biggest strengths are producing custom made furniture for the need of every individual, the flexibility of the customer service package and highest technical quality. Functional couches, convertible sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, wooden sets and closets, drawers and cupboards are some of the things Pohjanmaan Kaluste produces.

Along with the Pohjanmaa- collection Pohjanmaan Kaluste has a unique, environmental friendly Luonto- collection. The pure materials used, the traditional hand craft skills and the environmentally friendly production process are essential in the marketing of the Luonto- collection. The Luonto- collection, launched in 2011, is sold by many furniture chains and stores around the USA.