Burger King Free Standing

As a pilot, we produced for Restel Oy comprehensive contracts for three Burger King sites in Muurala, Porvoo and Hyvinkää using the Degree360 principle.

The plans were implemented with careful architectural planning and in accordance with the requirements of the concept. These pilots set off with site clearing and proper fencing of the construction site.

The implementations of the objects differed from each other, and the pilots provided a lot of information about the concept’s requirements and their functionality in Finnish conditions. The sites also had functioning businesses, which set their own challenges and requirements for the project.

The construction process is always the joint result of all actors. For the process to be successful, everyone’s perfect work effort, know-how and experience is required. This can only be achieved with good cooperation. We thank Restel and the operators involved in the various contracts for their good cooperation.

We develop our services and products with industry leaders. We choose as our partners only operators who are ready to commit to the same principles of responsible business as we do.

We offer your project a professional team that is always committed to the success of the project. In this case, the project will be finished on time and on budget without compromising on quality.