Space4you – Support and enjoyment for the students


“The students find it to be an interesting space. When you enter, you feel the lift of learning and the joy of learning.” This is how Assistant Principal Marianne Andersen describes the separate six-person space solution at Lehtikuusi School in Vantaa.  It’s all about the Space4you workspace of Piantek.

The soundproofed standalone space at Lehtikuusi School creates a peaceful learning environment for students from 1st to 5th grade. Interaction with the teacher or the therapist can take place at close range, strengthening the student’s sense of individual encounter. The students consider the space as a favourite location for a lesson.

The new learning space built in the school lobby offers modern charm to students in the older corridor schools, also contributing to it being the desired working space. The air conditioning in the space also ensures clean and fresh air. In newer open schools, a separate soundproofed space offers a peaceful, safe and quiet recess.

“There are a lot of people moving around in our lobby, but this space nicely supports our need to exclude sounds and the traffic of the lobby from the actual learning situation”, Andersen describes the functionality of Space4you.

Teachers enjoy the intense and focused student encounter made possible by the extra space.  Teachers can also more easily show that they are right there at that very moment just for their students.

In addition to deploying it as learning premises, Lehtikuusi School uses the Space4you as a conference room with teacher colleagues, children’s guardians, therapists and other partners, either in face-to-face or remote meetings. In this way, it also enables teachers to have a separate and peaceful workspace when needed.

The Space4you workspace at the Lehtikuusi School, named the Havu conference room, is part of the learning environment development project organized by the @City of Vantaa.  The aim is to experiment with different solutions to add teaching facilities to school lobbies and other public spaces.

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