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Satu Kosola has been appointed Project Manager of Piantek Oy


Satu Kosola


Master in Civil Engineering (BA) / Interior Architect Satu Kosola started on May 10, 2021 at Piantek Oy as a project manager.

Satu will work mainly in project management and customer relationship management. Satu’s main site is the Koskenkorva office, and with the projects Satu will work in the Helsinki office for a large part of her time. Satu has strong qualifications and previous experience in similar tasks. She has previously held similar positions as an interior designer and construction site manager.

+358 40 620 1454

“We are happy to have Satu in our team. Her experience gives further reinforcement and insight to Piantek’s project management. Business development is particularly important in a rapidly changing world and in our industry, where requirements on space and the importance of sustainable development play a major role. We can now respond to these areas of expertise even more strongly, and in this way we will produce the best added value to our customers.” says Jyrki Vainio, CEO of Piantek.


Space4you – Support and enjoyment for the students


“The students find it to be an interesting space. When you enter, you feel the lift of learning and the joy of learning.” This is how Assistant Principal Marianne Andersen describes the separate six-person space solution at Lehtikuusi School in Vantaa.  It’s all about the Space4you workspace of Piantek.

The soundproofed standalone space at Lehtikuusi School creates a peaceful learning environment for students from 1st to 5th grade. Interaction with the teacher or the therapist can take place at close range, strengthening the student’s sense of individual encounter. The students consider the space as a favourite location for a lesson.

The new learning space built in the school lobby offers modern charm to students in the older corridor schools, also contributing to it being the desired working space. The air conditioning in the space also ensures clean and fresh air. In newer open schools, a separate soundproofed space offers a peaceful, safe and quiet recess.

“There are a lot of people moving around in our lobby, but this space nicely supports our need to exclude sounds and the traffic of the lobby from the actual learning situation”, Andersen describes the functionality of Space4you.

Teachers enjoy the intense and focused student encounter made possible by the extra space.  Teachers can also more easily show that they are right there at that very moment just for their students.

In addition to deploying it as learning premises, Lehtikuusi School uses the Space4you as a conference room with teacher colleagues, children’s guardians, therapists and other partners, either in face-to-face or remote meetings. In this way, it also enables teachers to have a separate and peaceful workspace when needed.

The Space4you workspace at the Lehtikuusi School, named the Havu conference room, is part of the learning environment development project organized by the @City of Vantaa.  The aim is to experiment with different solutions to add teaching facilities to school lobbies and other public spaces.

Learn more about Space4you workspaces of different sizes and their possibilities >>


Piantek launches a new model for the Space4you family


Soundproof and safe space solution for one person. The XS model is an excellent workspace for calls or Teams meetings, for example. In the space you can work all day thanks to efficient air conditioning and good acoustics.

Space4you XS is new in the entire collection. The model has all the same functions as the larger models, e.g. air purifier, antibacterial light and sliding doors. Space4you workspaces now come in five different sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

Ask for more information and ask for an offer, sales +358 40 124 6207 or


Piantek has signed a cooperation agreement with Are on the installation and maintenance and project services for Piantek’s antibacterial workspaces


Piantek and Are have agreed to co-operate in the installation, maintenance and upkeep of Space4you workspaces manufactured by Piantek.

Piantek’s new Space4you workspaces create clean and safe solutions for public spaces.

  • Space4you is a detached space isolated from the rest of the premises. It is perfectly suited to serve as a hygienic conference room or a quiet workspace. Space4you is dimensioned to be placed in open-plan offices, pharmacies, commercial premises, shopping malls, office buildings or other public spaces, says Jyrki Vainio, CEO of Piantek.



Are takes care of the professional installation and maintenance of the facilities throughout Finland.

  • We will offer new types of solutions to our customers for the safe use of the premises through this cooperation, promises Sami Häkkinen, Are’s Director of Modernization Services in Southern Finland.

In addition, Are and Piantek will enhance their cooperation in furniture installations. Piantek’s and Are’s cooperation will provide a high-quality project service package for facility implementations and updates. Piantek’s technical know-how in special furniture and their manufacturing, combined with Are’s strong technical contracting expertise, enables quick and cost-effective delivery of a package perfectly suitable for the customer’s needs.

Additional information:
Sami Häkkinen, Director, Are Oy, 040 516 4233.

Jyrki Vainio, Managing Director Piantek Oy, 050 329 0790.

Check out Piantek’s products and Space4you workspaces: Special furniture and interior design contracting | Piantek Oy Ltd


Piantek Ltd. is a manufacturer of special furniture and a total supplier of interior contracting. We manufacture furniture and space structures for public spaces. The spaces include business centers, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels and ships. Piantek Ltd’s factory is located in Koskenkorva, Ilmajoki, and the sales office is in Helsinki. Piantek Ltd. was founded in 2005 and employs 20 people and indirectly about 100 people.

Are is a family business founded in Finland with over 100 years of experience in building service engineering. We offer solutions and services for the entire life cycle of a property, from new properties’ building technology contracting to facilities’ maintenance and service as well as their modernization and renovation. We work closely with our customers to find the best solutions, be it an office, a shopping centre, a hotel, a hospital, a residential property or an industrial facility. We invest in smart building technology, which ensures energy-efficient facilities for our customers and comfortable indoor conditions for the premises’ end-users, implemented cost-effectively. Are has about 3,500 employees in Finland and Sweden, and its turnover is approximately 490 million €. Are is part of the Conficap Group.

Piantek participates in the Apteekkari 2020 event on November 19-20


In the Apteekkari 2020 event, Piantek will comprehensively present how the hygienic and antibacterial Space4you is suitable for the pharmacy environment- When visiting the event, you are welcome to get acquainted with the solutions used in Space4you, which make the compact space antibacterial, soundproof and barrier-free. Our special furniture production is also presented, as well as our Safe Products product family, which is used to increase the premises’ antibacterial properties.

Antibacterial service point for pharmacies

Space4you is ideal, for example, as a service point for various one-on-one guidance activities or measurements. Space4you is available in four different sizes, so there is even room for larger devices if needed. If necessary, the space can be divided by partitions.

The Space4you air purifier is energy efficient and quiet. It cleans the air of small particles up to 0.02 µm (micrometers) in size, such as viruses, bacteria, microbes and dust, without any harmful by-products. Because Space4you produces 10 times its size of fresh air, it also improves the air quality of the surrounding space.

The hygiene of the space can be increased using antibacterial lighting. The Safe Light luminaire produces light that eliminates microbes and bacteria, but is still safe for human beings.

Barrier-free space solutions

Space4you has wide sliding doors that can be opened with an RFID reader or automatically with a motion detector. An integrated access ramp also makes it easier to enter the space.

Special furniture and hygiene-enhancing Safe Products

How does an antibacterial and air-purifying cash register sound like? Also at the same time protecting staff and customers?

We manufacture furniture and equip spaces where ventilation technology is used to produce solutions that protect people. We also increase their antibacterial effect with lighting technology and surface materials.

A luminaire can be positioned in the area to create unfavourable conditions for viruses and bacteria on the surfaces.  Technology can be installed in the store’s waiting areas and corridors to capture aerosol-level small particles. All this in an energy-efficient, silent, and if necessary, invisible manner.

Ask more about our Safe Products!


Additional information

You can find Piantek and Space4you in the Exhibition Space of Apteekki 2020 -virtual event.

>> Read more about Space4you on our website

>> Read more about Safe Products on our website

For more information, please contact:
Emails in the format:

Jyrki Vainio,Managing Director, +358 (0) 50 329 0790

Timo Maunula, Account Director, +358 (0) 50 422 3257

Taina Bäck, Key Account Manager, +358 (0) 40 152 0930

Kari Falck, Key Account Manager, +358 (0) 40 661 0500

Matti Kytömäki, Director of Services, +358 (0) 400 818 299

Jarkko Kivimäki, Purchasing Manager, +358 (0) 40 549 8513



Cleaner and healthier premises – Piantek’s cleaning product solutions for public spaces



Dedicated to the customer’s needs – interior design contracting utilizes the experience of a fine carpenter and the courage of propeller heads


We were in charge of the total contracting of Starbucks’ new café in the non-Schengen area of ​​Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the early spring of 2020. We manufactured the furniture and other interior for the premises at our Koskenkorva factory. The design for the Starbucks’ recognizable interior look was very clear. However, we could locate several points where by changing technical solutions we could provide Starbucks, the customer, a solution where the design look and quality is maintained but a more production efficient end result is achieved. The proposals were well received and they were implemented. Our idea was also to make the cooperation with other contractors more streamlined, thus introducing an added efficiency to the project.


Piantek vastasi Starbucksin uuden kahvilan kokonaisurakoinnista Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman non-schengen-alueella alkukeväällä 2020 / Piantek was in charge of the total contracting of Starbucks' new café in the non-Schengen area of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the early spring of 2020


A couple of years ago, we started to seriously invest in interior design for restaurants and in making of special furniture. The Corona pandemic has, of course, led to a refinement of the strategy. Our customers include Restel, Burger King, Hesburger (Lohja Prisma) and Viking Line. As we also are familiar with electrical and HVAC work and other interior design contracting, we often make even other technical plans for the premises in order to facilitate our own work at construction sites for furniture and interior. We also provide plans meant to be utilized by other builders, as those plans sometimes solve technical or material challenges for all builders.

We consider such cooperation between contractors and designers to be important for us, because it is in the best interests of our customer. We are a good partner for all parties in the project. Cooperation will bring smoothness to work and reduce misunderstandings, and usually it often creates new innovative solutions. It is important to be able to work with the entire partner network, and it is our duty to take into account also their needs to achieve the customer’s goal. That is an added value that one can’t afford to ignore.

Therefore, we at Piantek take all parties involved in the project into account. We take up and delve into customer challenges, and the harder the pressure, the harder we work on the project. The aim is not to get off easily, but to find the best solutions and even to create innovative new ones if needed.


Interior design contracting and furniture construction ahead of the new

As an innovator, we want to be visible in the field of interior design contracting and furniture construction.

We are ahead of the corona and its aftermath: a couple of years ago, we developed safety-enhancing and antibacterial Safe Products solutions for furniture construction. They are spearheaded by a small office-sized, antibacterial Space4you workspace. Already in the spring of 2020, we were able to supply Safe Products to shops, restaurants, hotels and offices. Antibacterial properties are based on the use of purple light, air purifiers and selected surface materials.

The development of antibacterial furniture construction is one example of our goals to reform the industry. But we have our propeller hats on for every project. The more challenging the target, the more excited we are! With problem solutions, we have the opportunity to influence customer satisfaction and the development of the entire industry.

Piantek’s operations began 15 years ago in Ostrobothnia with the production of various store racks, shop in shop solutions and boat interiors. Our fine carpentry skills have not disappeared anywhere, but in addition to them, a lot of knowledge about different materials, techniques and technologies has been accumulated. By combining these factors, Piantek creates completely new types of innovative solutions with good quality and style.


Jyrki Vainio
Managing Director, Piantek Oy
+358 50 329 0790

Piantek Ltd is appointing a new CEO, Jyrki Vainio



Piantek Ltd. and Piancon Ltd. has appointed Jyrki Vainio as the new CEO starting on April 1st 2020. Jyrki will be moving to the new position over a transitioning period from his previous post as the COO, in which he has been for the past two years. Over the last decade he has been in sales positions for different companies in the industry, including at Evet Design Ltd. as the Accounts Director, at New Store / Expedit Ltd. as the Sales Director and at Puume Ltd. as the Sales Director / Vice President from where he joined Piantek.

  • Jyrki has decades of experience in furnishing and project based business management and he has brought a lot of industry knowledge on the best processes into our business. Going forward our Avainlippu business will continue doing the responsible, domestic work, which has been the foundation of our business. We wish Jyrki the best of luck and success in his new position, says Tapani Renkola, who will be moving to the position of Product Development Director at Piantek and is also the Founder and Chairman of the board.


  • Leading a business responsibly means having to constantly keep learning. Difficult times are ahead of the entire world, but throughout my life I have learned to cope with adversity and work under pressure. Our business will continue to run on the foundations that Tapani and the talented staff have created along with the great procedures they have put in place, says Jyrki Vainio.


Our business will continue to run normally and the projects that are already running will be completed as per the requests of our clients. The domesticity, responsibility, reliability of delivery and financial solidity are our carrying forces and these things are the most important factors in our business, which set us apart from our competitors. We are able to bring in fast new implementations to the market.


  • Our staff is now showing flexibility with the difficult circumstances. I am convinced that we will be fine. I wish nothing but the best to our clients and our partners. Going forward we want to be just as reliable as a partner as we have been before, Jyrki Vainio continues.


Additional Information
Jyrki Vainio, toimitusjohtaja/CEO, Piantek Ltd. 050 329 0790,
Tapani Renkola, hallituksen puheenjohtaja / Chairman of the Board, Piantek Ltd. 040 079 5077,

Piantek Ltd. is a national design and fitout company. As a bespoke furnishing supplier Piantek Ltd. designs and manufactures furnishing for public spaces. The spaces include commercial centres, stores, restaurants, hotels and ships. Piantek’s factory is located at Koskenkorva, Ilmajoki and the sales office is in Helsinki. Piantek Ltd. is a privately owned company, with the credit rating of AAA. Piantek employs 26 people.

Piancon Ltd. specializes in the construction industry and provides clients with different industry services and solutions. We operate nationally and our success is based on our knowledge, great client relations and professional standards. The company carries out new-builds, renovations and conversion projects.

Piantek – Coronavirus announcement


The coronavirus crisis is striking right now, but our Koskenkorva plant is currently operating normally. Ongoing customer projects are also well under way, of course according to our customers’ guidance and wishes. All our office workers hold the yarns in their hands from their home offices, ie they are reachable and available. Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.


Starbucks has been opened at Helsinki-Vantaa airport


Starbucks has been opened at the non-schengen side of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It has been great to construct the space and bespoke furniture. Stop by for a coffee on your way to your flight!


Piantek and Restel at Hartwall Arena in 2020


Piantek Oy is involved in contracting Restel’s restaurant operations in Hartwall Arena during 2020.


Appointment within our company


Kari Falck has been appointed Key Account Manager at Piantek Oy. Kari will take up his post on January 24, 2020 at the Helsinki office.

Kari will work mainly with sales and customer relationships. Kari has long and strong experience in similar positions in the industry.

+358 40 661 0500

We welcome Kari to join us. We are pleased to have his solid know-how and experience available for Piantek’s customers.

Burger King in Seinäjoki opened on October 14, 2019


Piantek has been involved in the realization of the Burger King opened at the new Ideapark in Seinäjoki.


Ainoa Shopping Center opened in Tapiola on October 24, 2019


Ainoa Shopping Center has been opened in Tapiola on October 24, 2019. The objects contracted and manufactured by Piantek.


Appointment within our company


Jukka Keskinen has started on October 21, 2019 as a key account manager at Piantek Oy Ltd.

Jukka will primarily be acting mainly for sales and projects at our Koskenkorva office. Jukka has strong experience in similar positions. He has been responsible for contracting and furnishing the site implementation.

+358 40 809 6710

We would like to welcome Jukka to our team.

Opening of Mall of Tripla on October 17, 2019


Quite much we have been involved.


Piantek Helsinki office moved to the bigger premises


Piantek Helsinki office moved to the bigger premises. The office address is Höyläämötie 14, 00380 Helsinki, Finland


New Burger King constructed by Piantek opened


Burger King constructed by Piantek was opened on 26 June in Skanski Shopping Center.


Appointments within our company


Jarkko Kivimäki has started as a Piantek Oy’s technical designer.

Jarkko’s main task is to work as a technical designer. He will work at Koskenkorva office. Jarkko has plenty of experience with corresponding designer tasks.

+358 40 549 8513

We welcome Jarkko to our team. We are delighted to have his solid expertise and experience in strengthening Piantek’s customer relationship management.

Work for Finland – the Key Flag Symbol has been awarded to Piantek Oy


The products and services of Piantek Oy were awarded the Key Flag Symbol last week. With the Key Flag Symbol we want to communicate the Finnish origin of our products and services.  All our products are manufactured in Koskenkorva, Ostrobothnia.  We have offices in both Ostrobothnia and Helsinki.  Also in our acquisitions we prefer Finnish.

The Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark owned by the Association for Finnish Work. We hope that our Key Flag Symbol will help our customers choose the Finnish option – we need one another in Finland.


Piantek will be the building contractor for the ABC Kuninkaantie service station


ABC Kuninkaantie station is being renovated. Cooperative Varuboden-Osla Handelslag has chosen Piantek Oy to be the overall building contractor for the ABC Kuninkaantie station. The Piantek contracting agreement includes the basic refurbishment work for the interior of the building and the construction work on the extension part of the building. Piantek will also be contracting the furniture for the supermarket and the restaurant.



Development Director Jukka Pöyhönen (left), Head of Division Mikko Ala-Huikku of the Cooperative Store Varuboden-Osla Handelslag, and Business Director, COO Jyrki Vainio of the Piantek Oy signed the agreement for contracting on 25.1.2019.

Piantek Oy is a reliable Finnish supplier of complete solutions for trade business. As a growing and internationally active supplier of special furniture, we offer design, special furniture and contracting solutions tailored for customers’ projects.

Appointment within our company


Tainä Bäck began working at Piantek Oy as a key account manager on 14 January 2019.

Taina will primarily be acting for development of selling and customerships. She will work at our Helsinki office. Taina has plenty of experience with corresponding key account manager tasks.

+358 40 152 0930

We would like to welcome Taina to our team. We are delighted to have her solid experience and skills available for Piantek’s customers.

Piantek Oy has invested in a Laser Cutting Machine


Suitable materials for precision laser cutting or engraving are metals, plastics, wood, textiles, paper, glass and stone. The laser makes it possible to cut complex images without affecting the material’s properties. The laser cutting machine can also produce large, illuminated surfaces, known as Backlight panels. The machine has a working area of 2000 x 3000mm.

Laser Cutting Machine

Piantek Oy has invested in a UV Printer


The UV printer combines UV colors, energy saving LED light technique, CMYK + white extra color as well as a UV varnish function.

The UV prints are immediately dry and the product will not need to be laminated. Possible printing materials include different kinds of wood materials, metal, glass, plastics and papers.

The printer is also able to create surface structures. The finish can be either matte or glossy. The printings also endure being used outside.

The printing area is 3600 x 2000 x 100mm.

Jyrki Vainio to be Piantek’s Partner and Chief Operating Officer


Piantek Oy is a fast-growing and reliable Finnish company specialising in complete retail solutions. The company is opening a new office in the Helsinki metropolitan region with the goal of continuing to ensure high quality services for its customers. With this expansion Piantek is bringing in new innovations and new services in order to boost its customers’ businesses.

The company has brought in Jyrki Vainio, an experienced long timer in the industry, as their new COO and partner starting 1st of June, 2018.

Jyrki Vainio’s mission is to open the new location and organization in the Helsinki metropolitan area to boost the company’s client accounts and their development. All the while he is in charge of the entire company’s marketing and sales as COO. Vainio has over 30 years of experience in the retail sector, having acted as both CEO and Sales Director. In his previous positions he has been in charge of numerous client accounts, including both Finnish and international brands.

“We are happy to be getting Jyrki Vainio’s experienced take in leading Piantek’s clients. I believe that our clients’ businesses will benefit from us being able to provide even stronger overall services”, says Piantek’s CEO Tapani Renkola.

For more information:

Piantek Oy

Tapani Renkola, CEO, +358 400 795 077,
Jyrki Vainio, COO, +358 50 329 0790,

Adamik vacuum press

14 May 2016

Piantek has invested in an Adamik vacuum press. With the new press it’s possible to bend Corian as well as UPM Grada plywoods into shape. The press also has a heating oven which can be used for bending and shaping different plastics. The new equipment enables processing even bigger materials up to the size of 1280 mm x 3450 mm.



10 May 2016

Piantek has taken part in the VÄRINÄ- research led by professor of architecture and urban research, Ari Hynynen. The VÄRINÄ- project examines the effect of constructed local environment and atmosphere on consumers eating habits.

With the right showcase, colours and ambience we can make a positive impact on the choices consumers make. One of the goals of the project is to guide people towards healthier choices.

The results of the research can be used by public and private food service producers, designers and constructors of interior spaces and urban environments as well as restaurants and experience stagers. Piantek is looking forward to use the results in its upcoming projects.

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd becomes a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd

11 November 2014

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd has become a stakeholder of Piantek Oy Ltd. The shared ownership means a lot as Piantek is moving into a new developmental phase. “Through the shared ownership we get to use the resources and knowledge of Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd. In the future we can provide our customers with a wider range of products. And therefore it creates us more resources to carry out bigger projects.” says Tapani Renkola, the CEO of Piantek Oy Ltd.

“The shared ownership with Piantek has an important strategic meaning for us in Pohjanmaan Kaluste, because through Piantek we can offer our products and knowledge to new kinds of projects that we haven’t taken part in before. Piantek has also very strong designing knowledge and innovations that in the future we can launch into home furniture. Naturally we also gain synergy profit in production, purchases and logistics.” says Timo Viitala, the CEO of Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd.

Piantek Oy Ltd designs, manufactures and installs tailor made furniture to malls, shops, ship and boat industry and other demanding spaces. Engineering technology, South Ostrobothnian carpenter skills and the modern production equipment combined together, ensure the quality of our work. The quality of our work, as well as the reliability of shipping and the collaborated approach to the work are important for clients. Piantek offers the most efficient service and has reached the highest inner and outer quality requirements. The company is environmentally friendly.  

Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the Nordic region. The headquarter is located in Kurikka, in the Southern Ostrobothnia region of Finland, where the company has operated for over 50 years.  Pohjanmaan Kaluste Ltd’s products are sold buy the biggest furniture chains in Finland as well as smaller private owned furniture stores. There is over 400 skilled professionals working for the company and they ship to 16 different countries.

The company’s own designing and product development department ensures a collection that is constantly recurrent. Their biggest strengths are producing custom made furniture for the need of every individual, the flexibility of the customer service package and highest technical quality. Functional couches, convertible sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, wooden sets and closets, drawers and cupboards are some of the things Pohjanmaan Kaluste produces.

Along with the Pohjanmaa- collection Pohjanmaan Kaluste has a unique, environmental friendly Luonto- collection. The pure materials used, the traditional hand craft skills and the environmentally friendly production process are essential in the marketing of the Luonto- collection. The Luonto- collection, launched in 2011, is sold by many furniture chains and stores around the USA.

Porkka Finland Ltd in collaboration with Piantek Oy Ltd

Porkka Finland Ltd is an internationally recognised company that produces commercial customer based refrigerators and freezers. Their range incorporates equipment for food storage and handling, specialist scientific items, chilled display cabinets and beverage counters as well as refrigerators and freezers. Porkka Finland’s customers include kitchens, restaurants, hotels, industrial canteens, hospitals, laboratories and fast food outlets in the catering section all around Europe.

Among other things Porkka Finland Ltd produces together with Piantek Oy Ltd different kinds of service counters. These service counters are custom made to meet the requirements of the customer. Different kinds of spaces can be used efficiently. The final results are high quality, stylish, efficient and compatible.