Piantek’s wide and diverse knowledge makes its easy to adapt to the needs of the customer without raising the expenses. Piantek’s Degree° -service offers flexibly right solutions that fit the projects of the customer.

We have created three different content degrees: 90°, 180° and 360°. From these, the 360° is the widest and follows the turnkey principle.

360° -service is carried out together with our cooperation network. Therefore the client doesn’t have to coordinate between schedules and tasks because we take care of them.

The service may include the following components according to the needs of the customer:


  • Technical planning
  • Construction of furniture
  • Delivering furniture


  • Technical planning
  • Construction of furniture
  • Delivering and installing furniture
  • Sähköasennukset
  • Service counter installations



  • Dealing with the public authority
  • Taking care and supervising the project
  • Technical planning
  • Construction and outdoor area with fitted furniture
    • HVAC, electricity and automation system designing
  • Construction of furniture
  • Installations of furniture
  • Service counters and installations
  • Check ups


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